Meet the Cinecom Crew

Jordy Vandeput
Jordy Vandeput
Creative Director / CEO
Yannick Theunissen
Yannick Theunissen
Writer / VFX Artist
Lorenzo Menz
Lorenzo Menz
VFX Artist
Timo Vandiest
Timo Vandiest
Camera / Editor
Tymon Reynders
Tymon Reynders
Writer / Editor

Our Mission

When Cinecom was founded in 2014, we had a clear goal in mind: teach the world about filmmaking, video editing and visual effects. Traditional filmmaking shows us that it’s not easy to get started in the industry.

We made it our mission to make this more accessible. Anyone can become a professional video creator and we have an enormous passion to share those secret tips and tricks.


Learning should be fun.
We value learning experience the most and that starts with laughs and entertainment in educational content.

Out of the Box

We challenge ourselves to create unique content.
Every video tells a new story that hasn’t been told before.

Up To Date

Filmmaking changes in terms of trends and tech. Every day we learn about the latest software, changes in the industry and trends.

The History of Cinecom


In 2012 Jordy Vandeput graduated from LUCA School of Arts, the film school of Brussels, Belgium. Right after, he started as an independent freelancer. One of his clients at the time was Envato, for which he produced online video courses about the various aspects of filmmaking and video editing.

LUCA School of Arts - Film School Graduation
Class of 2012


On the 20th of March 2014, Jordy founded Cinecom Belgium BV with a mission for creating educational content for filmmakers and video editors around the world.

Branding and recognition was the first focus in the new start up. Therefore, much time and effort was put into growing a YouTube channel.

Cinecom Founded in 2014
Renting some space to get started


As the YouTube channel kept growing, Jordy was able to hire his first full time employee. Welcoming Yannick Theunissen to the team who later became important role in front of the camera as well.

Yannick Theunissen Cinecom
Yannick Joining Cinecom


Things are moving fast at Cinecom. By the summer of 2017 we where able to acquire an industrial hall.

This new location gave a lot of space which opened up more possibilities for creating video content. However, the work space was very empty and cold. So over the next months an office space was built.

Empty Industrial Hall
The Empty Cinecom Studio


The industrial hall began to look more like a film studio. The editing space was ready and we could work in a much better environment. Around the summer Lorenzo Menz joined the crew.

We ended the year in big celebration as YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers, which was a big milestone for all of us. 

YouTube Golden Play Button - Cinecom
YouTube Golden Play Button


The studio got a big upgrade with a professional lighting system and a new workshop was created. By the summer, we started our second YouTube channel, Premiere Basics, which focussed on Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial videos.

Truss Lighting System
Truss system with Tungsten Fresnel Lights


The pandemic didn’t make things easy. Timo Vandiest has just joined the crew as the fifth member and working from home was not an option. Luckily, our country didn’t had too strict rules and we could continue in a workplace that was adapted to the situation.

Cinecom Team in the Editing Office
Cinecom Team in the Editing Office


More people spent their time on the internet, which gave our business a great boost. Both our YouTube channels grew a lot and more and more students where taking our online courses.

Green Screen Setup in the Studio
Green Screen Setup in the Studio


With a shift to short form content, we jumped on that wagon to stay relevant in this new age of video creation. Reaching over 60 million views in 2022 alone we sure did reach new audiences!

Near the end of the year we where able to acquire a second studio building to expand the business further.

Cinecom New Studio
Opening to a Second Studio Space