Who we are

Cinecom is a media entertaining and online education company based in Belgium, Europe. The organisation is founded in 2014 by host and producer Jordy Vandeput. The company focuses on the production of entertaining tutorial videos for Youtube and online training classes for various partners.

In our studio we have 3 people working; Jordy, Yannick and Lorenzo. Our small team works close together to produce 2 videos for Youtube per week and regular online classes. We get support from all around the world from people and other businesses that help us grow and reach more people.

The advertising is managed by our agency Pier55 Media. All our Youtube videos and classes are subtitled by WIZARD Subtitles. And our online training mentoring comes through Skillshare where we are recognized as one of the top teachers.

The Team

Jordy Vandeput
Jordy VandeputThe big boss
I don’t think outside the box; unboxing is way too fun!
Yannick Theunissen
Yannick TheunissenThe under-payed camera guy
Still doesn’t know what Jordy is yapping about!
Kim De Raeve
Kim De RaeveThe actual boss
The smallest things could make the biggest differences
Lorenzo Menz
Lorenzo MenzThe Intern
I make the best coffee around the office!
Luciano Orlievsky
Luciano OrlievskyWIZARD Subtitles
Making everyone understand what Jordy is yapping about
Pier55 Media
Pier55 MediaAdvertising Agency
Wanna talk business? You talk to me!