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3 Music Video VFX from Oliver Tree (After Effects Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Music Video, Music video effect, Oliver tree, Storytelling, Visual Effects

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Learn how to recreate the music video effects from Oliver Tree such as a car hit, massive cloning and locked-on stabilization in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

Oliver Tree

Here at the office we are BIG fans of Oliver Tree’s work. Not only is his music super catchy but his music videos are top notch! Something that you’ll notice about his music videos is that he always tries to do something special and never seen before. He takes a lot of care in the production of the video, from the cinematography to the Art department. Everything is amazing and we LOVE that.

This is also why we are always looking for new music videos of him just so we can recreate it. So when Lick’d our sponsor for this video came around we were extremely excited that we could use Oliver’s actual music in our video without getting copyright striked!

vFX don’t always need to be complicated

Something you’ll notice in Oliver’s music videos is that he uses A LOT of VFX work. However sometimes it doesn’t always look good or realistic. And that’s perfectly okay! Or at least depending on certain circumstances.

In Oliver’s case I can completely understand that not everything looks 100% perfect. Every project has to deal with deadlines and budgets. So you always need to sacrifice something when working with soo many VFX shots like he does. It’s either the amount or the quality that has to go.

Explosion in Oliver Tree – Cash Machine

And in this case we can forgive that an explosion for example isn’t having all the interactions with its environment. It’s also not Oliver’s intension to deliver the best looking VFX. But instead he tries to create a world where he can pull you in. He wants to show what his world would look like and not what it should look like in real life. You could compare it to a painting, not all paintings are painted photoreal but that doesn’t change the emotions or message it delivers.


Big thanks to Lickd for sponsoring this video and providing us with licensed popular music for us to use in our video. Save 50% off your first track on Lickd and improve your video quality with popular music.

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