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Everyone Should know about this 3D Camera Tracking Hack!

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials, Unreal Engine Tutorials

3D camera tracking, Adobe After Effects, unreal engine 5

Learn how to transfer your After Effects 3D Camera Tracking to Unreal Engine 5. Enhance your Set Extensions with 3D assets.

Unreal Engine 5

Being a VFX artist is no walk in the park. But the thrill of creating jaw-dropping VFX shots and discovering new software is exhilarating. Today, we’re diving into the world of Unreal Engine 5, which is taking the film industry by storm. Unreal Engine offers the power to bring any world to life. We recreated a lunar set extension, combining a practical set with a digital moon in Unreal Engine. The goal? Seamless interaction between the physical set and our actor for a realistic end product.

Lunar Set Extension with Practical and Digital Footage
Lunar Set Extension with Practical and Digital Footage

For tracking, we used the Vive Cam track system in Unreal Engine. It was a big project with ups and downs. And we understand that not everybody has the same setup as we have. That’s why we want to make it possible so that everybody can use Unreal Engine for there VFX set extensions. And that’s where After Effects comes in.

Set extensions in After Effects

native inside After Effects you can find a very powerful tracking plugin, the 3D camera Tracker. Now I’m not saying it can preform miracles, but you can do some stunning things with the tracker. Like creating a set extension using A.I. assets or with Unreal Engine like we are showing you today.

Set Extension with Adobe Firefly
Set Extension with Adobe Firefly

But to pull of a realistic VFX shot, the tracking of course needs to be spot on! Bad tracking can really kill your effect, shifting objects that float over the ground can be noticed immediately. And your audience will be put of by it. But luckily there are easy tricks to make the tracking a lot better and we bundled them in a compact video for you.

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