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3D Hologram from Coldplay in After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

3D model, 3D scanning, After Effects, Motion Capture

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Learn how to recreate the dancing holograms effect from Coldplay ‘Higher Power’ music video in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

Every time that Coldplay uploads a music video clip they get millions to even billions of views! They are extremely popular and finally released a brand new music video for higher power. Here you can see the band performing and dancing together with holograms of aliens. And believe it or not but this is actually really easy to do!

ColdPlay Higher Power
Holograms from Higher Power

Easy Dancing model

These extra terrestrial dancers are 3D characters added in post. And besides the way we showed you on how to make them you of course have other ways that I would like to explore.

Let’s start with the 3D models of course. If you aren’t good at modeling and you don’t want to just download a character you can always 3d scan it. These days you have multiple apps that can 3D scan an object and replicate it in 3D. Which means you can perfectly get dressed, put on a outfit and scan yourself. And don’t worry about the quality because this model will become a hologram so defects wont be noticeable.

Trino 3D Scanner
Trino 3D Scanner

So now that you have a self made 3D model it’s time to make it dance. Again if you don’t want to use a premade dance animation, motion suite or simply don’t want to hand animate it, I got a solution for that too.

There are apps like Moves by Maxon or websites like Kinetix Studio that allow you to record or upload a video file. From this file the AI will spit out a 3D model following your movements. Of course these are far from perfect so you’ll have to pay attention to the level of difficulty your dance is, video quality and contrasts.

Kinetix Studio
Kinetix Studio

But if you slap together these 2 methods you have you own free diy dancing model.


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