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5 Fast and Easy Visual Effects in After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, fast and easy, list of 5, Visual Effects

5 Must know visual effects in Adobe After Effects you can create right away. Learn how to use specific effects to create fast visual effects fast in this Adobe After Effects tutorial.

Hey Guys, it’s been a long time since I wrote an article. Currently I’m focusing purely on Copy Cat Friday. We are trying to bring the whole show to a new level, combining some entertainment with education. And you are now thinking, but Yannick Copy Cat was always entertaining. Well yeah, but it’s time to bring it to a whole new level. You know us, we always try to improve ourselves and our videos. But enough about Copy Cat Friday, It’s Tuesday today and this means we just posted our Creative Tuesday video. And this week we again talk about one of our favorite topics, fast and easy effects.

Shatter Effect in Adobe After Effects
Shatter Effect in Adobe After Effects

In the past we already created several videos about fast and easy visual effects in Adobe

Premiere Pro. These video were quite popular and super fun to make. That’s why we decided, let’s do another one. However this time we are doing it a little bit different. Like you can see in the title, this time we are using After Effects instead of Premiere Pro. But this was also a mayor downside to the video of today. Because After Effects has so many cool effects which you can all use for making stuff. So choosing 5 effects was quite difficult. Eventually we made a selection of 5 Effects worth mentioning in this weeks video. Of course there are many more and we will probably do another video about several more in the future. But let’s not go to far ahead in time, first let’s be creative with these 5 effects.

StoryBlocks Video

This video was supported by Storyblocks Video, an easy to use site full of stock footage, After Effects templates, backgrounds, motion Graphics and much more.

4 thoughts on “5 Fast and Easy Visual Effects in After Effects”

  1. Good afternoon. Your videos are great. I was wondering how you did the last effect with the puppet tool with your head moving to the audio volume. Thanks

  2. I watch at least 3 of your tutorials everyday. My comprehension of Premiere Pro and After Effects has evolved exponentially as a result. I can’t thank you and Jordy enough for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us. It also helps that you’re easy on the eyes and quite nice to look at. :-)Thanks Yannick. Keep em coming!


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