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7 VFX Mistakes Beginners Make (and how to Avoid them)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

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Avoid these 7 VFX mistakes that beginners using Adobe After Effects Make. 7 tips and advice on how to become a better VFX artist.


When someone says that your VFX looks bad, they actually mean it doesn’t look realistic. There’s something about your work that makes it look fake.

Sometimes these issues can be resolved quickly. A bad green key can be fixed and a bad animated mask can be fixed. However, there’re things that aren’t so easy. Like discussed in the video above, one of those things are physics.

The way something bounces, accelerates or moves around should always match with the physics that we’re used to on earth. When you jump in the air, there’s a specific acceleration and how long it takes until you’re back on the ground.

The same goes with animating as it should match those same physics. It’s not easy, but you can train yourself, by studying real clips.

Editing magic trick – Jumping in Water

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