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Advanced Super hero Landing Effect (After Effects Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Cinema4D, Marvel, Super Hero Landing

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Learn how to create an advanced superhero landing effect using Adobe After Effects and Cinema4D in this tutorial video. A VFX breakdown and behind the scenes.

Super Heroes

Super heroes saving the day is a topic that is always been popular. In the older days you had comic books that fueled the fantasies of young boys. But these days huge blockbuster movies and weekly series took the crown away from comics.

Of course I’m not saying the comic books are dead, the are very much alive and still enormously popular. However with the rate that Marvel and DC are producing new series and movies, they are shifting the popularity more to the multimedia medium. This is of course because of the accessibility for the broader audience.

Howard from the Big Bang Theory - I'm Batman
Howard from the Big Bang Theory – I’m Batman

Superhero Landing

Personally I find this phenomenon pretty strange. Of course it looks cool and epic, but why does every hero need to land like that? It’s unpractical and it will even destroy your body. When you do a superhero landing you will generate enough newton forces to break your legs.

And okay if you are Super Man then you can do whatever you want. But as a normal person like Black Widow or the Arrow, well you would just destroy your legs and won’t be saving anybody for a couple of months.

Captain America: Civil War - Spiderman Superhero Landing
Captain America: Civil War – Spiderman Superhero Landing


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