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This After Effects Feature is Mindblowing (Mocap AI Images)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

A.I. art, After Effects, Face tracking

Learn how to use the Mask Face tracking tool in Adobe After Effects. Add a mocap tracking to your A.I. Midjourney art in this tutorial video

Motion Capture

Everybody knows the term mo-cap or in full, Motion Capture. This is a process a capturing motion of a person or object, where you can then use the motion for different purposes. Of course the purpose I want to talk about is Filmmaking.

Mocap is used a butt load of movies, some use the technique super good and other fail to use it to it’s full potential. A great example is Gollum from Lord of the Rings, which is done completely with motion capture.

Motion Capture of Gollum (Lord of the Rings)
Motion Capture of Gollum (Lord of the Rings)

Face tracking

However we aren’t here for a mocap of an entire person, we want to only track our face. And for this we have a very good tool inside After Effects. But I must admit that the tracking tool has restrictions in movement, so you can’t achieve Hollywood like VFX. Nonetheless you can create some really fun stuff with it.

A.I. Tools

And then you have A.I tools to help you out, first of all we used Midjourney to create some art for us. We went for the last selfie on earth. Which we could then animate with the tracking data of our After Effects tool.

Now like I said, we have some restrictions in movement with After Effects. So what if you want to take your effect to the next level? Well you can also use A.I. for that. We shortly mention EbSynth in our video of today and how you can use that to create a next level mocap of a face. Or if you want to learn everything about EbSynth, you can always watch the video where we made Jordy old.

Jordy as an old man made with EbSynth

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