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Give your Belly a BIG MOUTH with AFTER EFFECTS (Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, curlykidlife, Visual Effects

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Learn how to recreate the viral editing magic video ‘Midnight Snacking!’ from @Curlykidlife in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

Curlykidlife’s Editing Magic

You probably know that feeling when its midnight and your really really tired but also very hungry. So you decide to go for a little midnight snack. Curlykidlife is also someone who loves himself a midnight snack, but he does consume it in a very peculiar way. When he lifts up his shirt it reveals a big mouth on his stomach where he can throw in all the food and drinks he desires.

Curlykidlife having a midnight snack

Composing and Strechting

If you already saw our video you noticed that the end result is a little different. In his video he replaced his entire midsection with his mouth. While we choose to go for a different look and composited the mouth onto the stomach. Doing it that way did come with it’s own challenge.

Since we need to cut out the mouth, we need to have some skin to overlap and feather it onto the stomach. Unfortunately here at the office everybody has some sort of facial hair which makes thing a little bit harder. For example I couldn’t move my upper lip a lot because otherwise the little skin between my mustache and nose would disappear. Which as you can guess is not good at all since we need to be able to feather the skin on all sides of the mouth.

But if you do decide to do it the way Curlykidlife did you’ll have a whole other challenge to deal with. If you look close you notice the nose is missing. Since he used his face for the midsection he needed to do some paintwork. And let me tell you painting that away isn’t the most fun job. So choose your own poison!


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