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Getting BLAST AWAY by Scarlet Witch (WandaVision)

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After Effects, Cinema4D, Marvel, wandavision

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Inspired by Marvel’s WandaVision, Jordy gets blasted away by the energy field from the Scarlet Which. Follow the VFX Breakdown on how we recreated the effect.

Who doesn’t love Marvel!

As you guys know the Cinecom team has a new member called Timo! And to welcome him Yannick and I decided to make a Copy Cat about something Timo loves! AND THATS MARVEL!

Recently a new series called WandaVision came out which Timo as HUGE marvel fan is following. He showed us all the fun and cool effects the show has to offer.

In one of the scenes you can see Wanda shoot Geraldine through the wall and flying across some fields. And this is exactly what we are going to recreate.

Wanda Shooting Geraldine
Geraldine flying through a wall

Think practical

Not everything has to be hard and complex to make. Sometimes a simple practical trick can do the job. And this is exactly what we did.

In the longshot you can see Geraldine flying through the air. Here they used a 3D model that looked exactly like her. We knew with 3 effects on our hands it would take some time so we choose not to do this in 3D.

Instead we put Jordy on a chair and spun him around so his perspective would change going from the back to the front of his body. In After Effects we cut him out and used some time remapping to achieve the effect all practical.

Jordy Spinning Around
Jordy Spinning Around

I know it looks funny but believe me it looks really good. So be sure to check out our video to see the final result!

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1 thought on “Getting BLAST AWAY by Scarlet Witch (WandaVision)”

  1. Holy cow!!

    I love it!! This is amazing !! I am a big marvel fan :”Like Timo,” and I can share my likeness of marvel with him!!

    It is awesome that you guys could make this next-level effect!!


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