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We made the BONE CRACKING from Stranger Things REALISTIC!

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

breaking bones, Practical effects, stranger things, Visual Effects

Cinecom Complete Bundle
Learn how to recreate the horror bone cracking death as seen in Netflix series Stranger Things 4, but make it look realistic with an open bone fracture using practical effects and VFX editing in Adobe After Effects.

Upgrading stranger things vFX

It’s not new to you guys that we love Stranger Things. In the last 2 months we even did 3 effects from the show. And guess what… we are adding another one to that list! In this weeks episode we are revisiting the breaking bones effects.

We already got a fully CGI and practical breaking bones effect on the channel so what in the world could we do now? Well easy! We are going to one up the effect and actually show the broken bone popping through of the skin!

How do the pro’s fake it?

If you already saw our video you noticed that we did a mixture of practical effects and visual effects. We kept it very DIY so everybody could recreate it at home but ofcourse that’s not how the pro’s do it. They will definitely opt for a prosthetic arm that they can break.

Fingers cut off from prosthetic hand
cut off fingers on prosthetic hand

These days there are a ton of prosthetic company’s that excel at creating whatever the film industry needs. Next to creating hyper real human body’s they can also do other creatures! A great example is the suit of Predator from the new movie Prey’s Predator. The suits is so good they don’t even need any digital work on it at all! They added electronics to move the eyes and mouth to really bring it to life.

Predator suit from Prey's Predator
Predator suit from Prey’s Predator

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