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Create 3D Animations without knowing Anything about 3D

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

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Learn how to scan real objects and animate the textured 3D model in Adobe After Effects and Cinema4D Lite. An easy tutorial video for VFX beginners.

3D Modeling and Texturing

I’ve always admired the great art of modeling and texturing. Definitely when I saw Yannick and Lorenzo taking their Cinema4D course. Seeing some of their first 3D animations was really inspiring.

But I need to stay honest to myself; just like any other VFX work, 3D takes time to create. And I’m not the person who has patience for that. I need more action and faster results, which is probably why I love cinematography so much. After you set your lights, you can immediately see the magic on your monitor.

Luckily there are many options these days to make the process of VFX and 3D animations go faster. Think of the various online libraries from which you can download 3D models.

Or even better; why not look for an interesting object that you have laying around and scan it!

millennium falcon 3D Model
Millennium Falcon 3D Model – Scanned with Polycam


Using our brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max, we also had to try out the Polycam app! With Polycam we can either use the LiDAR scanning method, or the photo modus.

For scanning smaller objects, we’ll be using photo mode. Simple walk around an object to scan and the app does the rest of the work for you.

Once the 3D model is processed, you can export it to an OBJ file. You now how a textured 3D model which you can instantly start animating with. It’s that simple!

Big thanks to Polycam for sponsoring this video. If you want to learn more, check it out on the iOS app store.

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