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Docter Strange MULTIVERSE PORTAL from Spiderman (After Effects Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, doctor strange, spell, spider man, Spiderman

Learn how to create the multiverse portal rings from Docter Strange in Spiderman ‘No Way Home’ in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

This week is an exciting week for many marvel fans. The long wait for the Spider-Man: No Way Home is finally over. 2 weeks ago we did an effect from the movie and you all seemed to love it so much it only made sense to do another one to celebrate the opening week!

In this weeks video we take a look at the spell casting effect of Doctor Strange. This effect you can see in the beginning of the trailer and is also the main reason why the multiverse broke. But don’t worry! ours wont be a failure.

Create all the Doctor Strange effects

If I would tell you that you can recreate ALL of Doctor Strange his magic spells in only 2 different ways you would probably think I’m crazy. But if you take a closer look you notice although all of his spells are different the overall look is the same.

Portal Effect

The first one is his portal spell to be able to transport himself to where ever he wants. Although it seems a bit complex it’s actually fairly easy. All that you have to do is create a particle emitter which casts particles that look like glowing sparks. With that done you simply make the emitter spin around super fast so that the sparks create the portal shape.

Portal of Doctor Strange

Spell Effect

The rest of all his abilities do share a similar look thus share also a similar way on how to create this effect. It doesn’t matter if you are recreating the spell circle spinning around, the iconic shield spell and so on. The base of the effects you simply create with animated shaped/texts so that the form of it looks right. Then to give it that orange glowing effect you can use the free saber plugin. The only thing left here is to adjust all the settings so that you get something like in the movie. Or you can watch our tutorial where we show what you exactly need to change to get it.

Spell of Doctor Strange


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