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I went Super Saiyan! (Dragon Ball Z VFX Breakdown)

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We made a real life Super Saiyan effect from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. Watch our VFX breakdown as we go through a creative process.

Dragonball Z: The Anime

You all know we are huge Anime fans and really can’t get enough of them. Last Copycat we made a live action of Pokémon and we loved recreating animes so much, that for this week we decided to do it again! But this time we’ll be going for Dragon Ball Z, more specific going Super Saiyan.

Now as a kid I loved Dragonball Z! I would get up early on a Saturday and watch a bunch of episodes on the kid’s channel. Eventually when I got older I decided to watch it again and oooh boy, it was still as great as back in my kid years.

Goku Becoming a Super Saiyan
Dragonball Z: Goku Becoming a Super Saiyan

However I think when I would watch it all over again right now, it would be a little bit boring. Not because I know everything that is going to happen. But because Dragonball Z is a super slow anime serie. When you compare Dragonball with newer anime series such as Attack on Titan or Demon Slayer , you can really feel the tempo difference.

Anime Elements

Now personally I like them both, the fast Anime and the slow one. With the slow build up Animes such as Dragonball Z, you get boss fights that last 10 episodes or such, which is cool. But sometimes they over do it and make them to long, which actually make sit a little bit boring.

But then again, a fast paced anime is not always the best way to go. When the fight or action parts are over to fast then the audience, or in this case me, are left with a feeling of wanting more. I want to see more of the super awesome action moves and kicking but.

Demon Slayer: Zenitsu Going Full Power

Now the main aspects of Anime or what I find at least, is the over acting, the over emotions of a character. This makes the characters much more likeable and also adds more drama to the whole series.

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2 thoughts on “I went Super Saiyan! (Dragon Ball Z VFX Breakdown)”

  1. Yannick, do you have suggestions for learning how to create the swirling energy field. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on similar, but the way your looks like it’s really surrounding Jordy and is moving on the surface of the ground is the best.


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