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10 Tips to make your VFX look 10x better!

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

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Cinecom Complete Bundle
Learn 10 easy hacks how to make your VFX look better. Discover how to create more Realistic visual effects inside Adobe After Effects.

Picture this: a world populated with dazzling CGI and breath-taking VFX, where the realm of reality bends to the will of your imagination. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? But be warned, the line between realism and becoming a meme can be razor-thin. A poorly executed VFX can quickly become a laughingstock on the internet and nobody wants that. So, to help you, I’m here to share ten handy VFX tips guaranteed to elevate your work.

Do your VFX Research

First things first, especially for the budding enthusiasts among you, you have to think wisely about your camera movement. A static tripod shot might not be the most dynamic choice, but it can save you a heap of post-production headaches. However, if you’re a thrill-seeker, moving shots can be your ally. Just make sure it matches with your assets and overall vision. Now, if you’re getting crafty with 3D assets, you’ve got more room to explore. However, tread carefully with 2D assets in After Effects; you’ll want to avoid any cues that might give away their flat nature.

2D Assets inside After Effects
2D Assets inside After Effects

Next I have an age-old nugget of wisdom, always take into account every element within your shot. Got a power surge happening on a grassy field? Make sure everything, from the blades of grass to the subject’s clothes, reacts to the energy. Use a leaf blower for wind effects if you must! The same applies to lighting. If you’re dropping in a VFX fire asset, you need to mimic the light it casts with a real-world light source. And for those tricky situations that can’t be replicated in reality, like heatwaves, post-production comes to the rescue.

Make the environment react with your VFX
Make the environment react with your VFX

Last but not least, do your homework Homework! In VFX? Absolutely! For example if you want to nail that realistic VFX gunfire scene, you need to know how fire and muzzle flashes behave in the real world. Size matters. Don’t forget the real-life light source to mimic the gunshot flash. And finally, use some cool pressurized cloud puff assets to sell the effect. Bonus tip: there are some fantastic cinematography courses.

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