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Eminem’s 3D TEXT effect from Pepsi’s SUPERBOWL trailer (After Effects)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

3D Text, Adobe After Effects, Pepsi Super Bowl

Learn how to recreate a 3D Text effect from the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Commercial in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

Super bowl Commercials

When you say Super Bowl, you of course say half time commercials. It’s a tradition since the beginning of the Super Bowl and is where every brand want to show off. The best commercials ever have been shown during the break and have been watched by millions of people.

And they really go all out with these commercials. The biggest stars feature in, they use a lot of special effects, jump on current trending topics and more. You can say they are like little short movies, that cost a lot of money, to make and to air.

Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial with Chris Pratt
Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial with Chris Pratt

Pepsi halftime Show trailer

Now each year the Super Bowl also has a half time show, where the biggest music artist preform an enormous over the top show. And to announce this year artists, Pepsi released a trailer revealing everybody who is going to preform.

Of course these are some big names, like Eminem and Dr. Dre. But what really caught our eye where the effects in the trailer. Each Hip Hop Artist had this own cool VFX shot. And when seeing this we just had to do one of them. And we eventual went for the 3D text battle Eminem did in his part of the trailer. The other effects would require a little bit to much 3D and

Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Trailer: 3D text effect with Eminem
Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Trailer: 3D text effect with Eminem


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