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Create Fake 3D In After Effects (Eduard_ov Inspired Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

3D, After Effects, Cinema4D, Eduard_ov, Practical

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Who Is Eduard_ov?

If you are active on instagram and love Motion Design you probably already have seen the work of Eduard Mykhailov. He’s a well-know artist in his branch and always amazes people with his content.

He is well know for his glitch & hologram animation which he implements in different kind of projects. But for today’s video we’ll be taking a look at the 3D smartphone box effect.

Eduard_ov Hologram Controller


To create the effect like he does you need to have some sort of experience with 3D software. Eduard uses Cinema4D but you can use other software or even Element3D in After Effects.

Eduard_ov 3D Smartphone Box

First of all you create a box like environment with the same measurements as your phone. In here you can add whichever elements you want. Track your shot of you holding the phone and connect your 3D box to it. Now you can just add some 3D elemnts, HUD elements like the hour or app icons flying around and THERE YOU GO!

Why do it practical?

If you’re following us for a while you know we are not the greatest 3D artists. This is why we choose to do this practical since we REALLY wanted to recreate this effect.

Next to this we choose to make it as approachable as possible. Not everybody has a motion controlled slider or jib so we shot everything handheld.

The box we created by adding some old computer and electronic components together. We also added some light to create some more depth. You can do whatever you want, you could even create a forest if you want to!


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