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FAKE 3D Mjölnir Hammer from THOR in Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

after effects tutorial, Fake 3D, Marvel

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Learn how to recreate Thor’s hammer “Mjölnir” in FAKE 3D, create an animation for it and light it in Adobe After Effects.

3D Visual effects

You might have noticed that we are creating a lot more 3D visual effects. And most of the time we try to look for a way so that everybody can recreate them, no need for expensive software or plugins. And of course we also try to make it as easy as possible.

But we do have to admit that we sometimes, we use weird workarounds to create stuff. But that keeps it interesting and educational. Just like today’s video where we will create a fake 3D model of Thors Hammer, Mjölnir, completly in After Effects. And yeah, using a 3D software like Blender or Element 3D would be easier, but where is the fun in that.

Thor's Hammer, Mjölnir
Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir

Fake 3D in After Effects

A whole while back we showed you a technique to recreate a fake 3D box in After Effects. We used 6 pictures of each side of the box and arranged them in the 3D space, to eventually create a fake box. We then used that box to create a cool trick shot inspired by Dude perfect.

Fake 3D Trick Shot inspired by Dude Perfect
Fake 3D Trick Shot inspired by Dude Perfect

Now for this weeks video we actually used the same technique, but we took a step further. We recreated the hammer of Thor, Mjölnir. This is not exactly a simple shape to recreate, plus we also used some fake lights inside after effects to really finish up the effect. But to know more about it you’ll have to watch the video.


Big thanks to Storyblocks for the support on this video. Their community driven library always help us to find something perfect for that particular VFX shot. They really help us to bring our Visual effects to life, without compromising on anything.

Also don’t forget to join the Daniel Shiffer editing challenge and get a chance to win awesome prizes.

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