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Harry Potter ⚡ Magic Wand Fight (After Effects Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Harry Potter, Magic VFX

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Learn how to recreate a Magic fight effect like Harry Potter in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video. Create spell casting & magic shield effects.

Harry Potter : The movies

A month ago the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter aired on HBO, you what that means? Well that I’m getting old! It’s already been 20 years, life goes way to fast. But seeing all the fuzz around the reunion, gave me an urge to see every Harry potter movie again.

And to be completely honest, they are awesome movies. Even after watching them multiple times. But what surprised me the most were the visual effects. They are good and this in every movie. You can really see that they took their time to achieve realistic magic VFX.

Magical VFX

Okay, not every VFX shots meet the high standard of today. But still they use some very clever VFX tricks to create stunning magic. Like for instance Hagrid, which is a giant. They used a lot of green screen shots , where they combined Hagrid and other actors. But they shot Hagrid in such a way that he would look bigger. However they also used forced perspective. Placing Hagrid closer to the camera making him look bigger. Easy but very effective.

BTS Hagrid Greenscreen
BTS Hagrid Greenscreen
Final Shot Hagrid
Final Shot Hagrid

Now another Visual Effect that keeps baffling me is Voldemort, or better his face. It’s awesome to see how they created such a menacing character and of course how they removed his nose. Of course this isn’t that easy to achieve. They used tracking markers on the talents face and removed everything they wanted in post production. It’s does sound easy enough. Maybe we could make a tutorial about it…

Voldemort Nose VFX
Voldemort Nose VFX


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