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We Hulk Smashed Jordy into the ground With VFX

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The Avengers, the hulk

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We 3D animated Jordy to smash him into the ground like the Hulk from Avengers. Watch our VFX breakdown as we go through a creative process.

Secret Project

In the past we here at Cinecom did a lot of marvel related effects. From Captain Americas shield bouncing around to shrinking down like Ant-Man. And you guys love these kind of effect so that’s why this week we are coming back with another one!

I believe on of the most requested effects is the Hulks transformation. Sadly because of a secret project that soon we’ll be released we won’t have time this week BUT I promise you once that’s over we’ll show you guys how to do this.

Hulk Transformation
Bruce Banner transforming into the hulk

Hulk Smash your friends

Now for this week we’ll be recreating the famous scene between The Hulk And Loki from The Avengers. Here you can see Loki getting smashed around into the ground like a doll. A super cool effect which you can achieve quite easily!

The Hulk smashing Loki into the ground

The most important this here is a 3D model. And you got multiple ways to do this. In our video we used a 3D scanner app, which takes pictures for all the angles of your body and makes a 3D model. Of course this model isn’t perfect, but since you’ll be moving all over the place you wont notice the mistakes.

If you don’t have a phone which can run these apps you also have a change to just take pictures and feed them into a different software. Autodesk’s 123D Catch is a free tool to do this.

Don’t expect too much from this however. Highly detailed models are not easy to create and without an actual depth sensor you cant get a perfect model. These methods are free/almost cost nothing compared to the money you would spend on a professional 3D scanner. So keep that in mind when working with these tools.

3D scanner
Professional 3D scanner


Big thanks to Storyblocks for their support. If you ever need stock footage for your video head over to them! Next to the 4K stock clips, they also have After Effects templates, Premiere Pro presets, overlay effects and so much more. Download unlimited video assets for a single price per year.

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