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How to Create AI Video Art with Midjourney + After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, ai generated art, midjourney

Learn how to generate AI images with MidJourney and create stunning moving art with Adobe After Effects in this tutorial video

Art made by AI

AI art is extremely trending these past weeks. You see everybody doing it who does anything related to being creative. Text to image generators already existed but with Midjourney and Dall-E being in beta testing it really stepped up its game.

Both AI’s are so good that its difficult to guess if a human made it or not. And with this comes a ton of different benefits for us creatives.

Benefits of AI generated art

We’ll I think first of all it’s a new medium for creatives to create art. People who don’t have the technical skill but a very vivid mind can use this tool to create things and world they otherwise would never have been able to do. But also people who do have technical skills can use this to enhance their work. They could for example generate a painting and than start painting on top to refine what they want the image to be.

Alien Corridor generated with Midjourney
Alien Corridor generated with Midjourney

Next to this is mood boarding. Something we creatives always do before creating our next piece. instead using google and Pinterest you could tell the AI very specifically what you want to see. Like for example a cyber punk city with a big church and red and green lights. And from here out things like concept art become easier and faster to draft up some examples to work off.

Pirate Ship generated with Midjourney
Pirate Ship generated with Midjourney

It’s really a tool we should embrace and not be scared of to use. And the more we use it the more ways we can find to implement it into our creative workflow.

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