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Top 5 New Features in Adobe After Effects 2022

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

2022 update, after effects features

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Learn about the new features in the Adobe After Effects 2022 update. Multi-Frame Rendering, Speculative Previews, Notifications and more.

Adobe After Effects 2022 Release

The release of Adobe After Effects 2022 comes with a bunch of changes under the hood. Essentially we’re getting better performance and a few options to streamline our workflow.

Multi-Frame Rendering (MFR)

The biggest new feature is probably Multi-Frame Rendering. It basically uses multiple processor cores to render video. In the redesigned render progress bar we can visually see that the program is using more cores and is thus able to render faster.

Multi-frame Rendering
Multi-Frame Rendering Progress Bar in After Effects

Pugit Systems have done a test to see which CPU’s perform the best with the new MFR feature.

Speculative Previews

When you’re idle or taking a quick break, After Effects will notice that and continue to work in the background. Their new speculative previews feature will automatically render a preview of your comp. You can chose in the settings how it has to act.

Remote Notifications

The new Remote Notifications feature ads another layer to a better workflow. As you wait for rendering to complete, you most often go do something else. You can now enable to receive a notification when your render is complete. Either on your smartphone and on your smartwatch.

Composition Profiler

Another big improvement to our workflow is composition profiler. Enabling this column in your composition panel will tell you per layer how long it takes to render. You can even expand the layer and see the preview render times per effect.

Composition Profiler in After Effects
Showing the render times per layer and effect (Composition Profiler) in After Effects

This allows you to quickly see which effects take up a longer rendering time, to temporary disable those as you’re making changes to your edit.

More New Feature in Adobe After Effects 2022

Above are the most exciting new features . Furthermore we have better playuback improvement for 10bit HVEC video files, Media Encoder also has MFR support, you can now chose multiple LUT interpolations and as of now all video and audio apps get a unified version number.

You can read more about all the new features on the Adobe blog.

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  1. Thanks for the amazing content. Your videos are always really helpful, I currently have Adobe After Effects CC 2022 and I was wondering if you could show us a tutorial on how to do a realistic backflip.


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