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We Recreated Pokémon in Real Life

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With realistic VFX we recreated Pokémon in real life as we catch Jordy the Pikachu. Follow our VFX breakdown and creative process.

Live Action Remakes

Lately it’s a real trend to remake cartoons or animated movies from back in the old days. We all saw the new Lion King with their awesome 3D lions. Or Will Smith as Genie in Aladdin. But to be honest some live action remakes weren’t the greatest success. Nonetheless I love the nostalgia around remakes and I always re-watch the original ones.

And this is the same for Pokémon. With the release of Detective Pikachu, I also started watching the old anime series again. Now I didn’t watch everything as they have hundreds of episodes and thousands of Pokémon I never ever heard of. So I just stuck with the basics and relived my younger years.

Live Action Detective Pikachu

And I must say, spending all those hours watching Pokémon made the video for today so much easier. I remember all the effects in the anime perfectly and gave a huge advantage when creating the catching Pokémon effect.

Creative Freedom

Now the good thing about remaking cartoons or animated movies, is the creative freedom that comes with it. You already have an example, but this is 2D and cartoonish. So to make it look real you can make some creative decisions, like adding some extra stuff making it more epic. But of course, always keep the original look and feel in mind.

And this can be the downfall of a remake. Taking to much Creative Freedom, destroying the soul of the original movie. And a great example for this is Dragonball Evolution, a live action Dragonball Z remake. The problem with the new movie was the fact that they made it too Hollywood. Which is the complete opposite of the original anime series. That’s why all the Dragonball fans hated the the live action remake and made it a very bad movie.

Dragonball Fusion Technique Parody
Dragonball Fusion Technique Parody

Storyblocks Video

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