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Is the NEW Rotobrush 3.0 Actually Better?

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Next-Gen Roto Brush

Adobe is constantly working on making improvements to its software, one of them being After Effects. Most of the time the updates we get are minor changes like bug fixes or small performance increases. But every so often they bring out a massive update, one which the whole community absolutely goes wild for. A few weeks ago Adobe released their beta version of Rotobrush 3.0, Their Next-Gen Roto Brush powered by a brand new AI model. It offers enhanced selecting and tracking capabilities resulting in improvements with overlapping limbs, hair, and transparencies.


The roots of rotoscoping can be traced back to the early 20th century when animation was just beginning. The technique was pioneered by Max Fleischer, an animator and filmmaker. He used projections of live-action footage onto a translucent easel. Each individual frame of the footage was traced by animators, resulting in a sequence of hand-drawn frames that retained the natural movement of humans. This technique quickly gained recognition for its ability to produce fluid and realistic animation, setting it apart from traditional hand-drawn methods.

His “Out of the Inkwell” series showcases the earliest application of rotoscoping, which features Koko the Clown. This allowed Koko to interact with the real world, doing something that had never been done before. Max’s groundbreaking idea paved the way for a dynamic fusion of live-action and animation, shaping the very essence of how we bring stories to life on screen. As we admire the mesmerizing motion on our screens today, we owe a debt of gratitude to the pioneers who started it all with the art of rotoscoping.

Koko The Clown - Out the Inkwell Rotoscoped Into Footage
Early Rotoscoping in “Out the Inkwell”

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