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A Simple Horror effect For Your Halloween movie

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Halloween, horror, Horror effects, Horror movies, the ring

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Learn how to recreate the iconic crawling through the tv effect from The Ring in this Adobe After Effects tutorial.

The most iconic horror effect

With Halloween around the corner it only makes sense that we dive into the world of horror movies. And with so many different iconic movies around it was quite difficult to pick one. But luckily Yannick is a mega horror fan. And he really wanted to recreate crawling the through a tv from The Ring. An effect dating back from 2022 that you 100% have seen before.

How we did it

There are different ways how you can achieve this effect. You can either shoot the demon crawling through the tv on a greenscreen. Basically placing them back in the other shot. Shooting on set with a dummy TV where the demon crawls out of, and only replace the background in the tv. Or you can do it our way!

We wanted to shoot our effect as practical as it could be and without a lot of work in post production. So we shot all of our indoor scenes first, went outside with a greenscreen that has a hole the size of our tv. And with the tv marked on our camera monitor we positioned the greenscreen hole on the same spot. Allowing us to past both shots on top of each other and only needing to pull a green key.

The Ring Effect Breakdown
Breakdown crawling through the TV

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