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Step Through a Mirror like Neo from The Matrix (After Effects Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

cc blobbylize, cc glass, the matrix

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Learn how to step through a mirror like Neo from The Matrix Resurrections Official Trailer in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

The Matrix 4

The Matrix, who hasn’t seen it yet? The very first movie released in 1999 and got so much positive feedback. It survived the test of time and now they are going to even release the 4th one! Making it probably the most anticipated movie of 2021.

Neo's famous scene dodging bullets
Neo dodging bullets

There isn’t a lot of footage yet unfortunately, but the trailer is already full of effects. So we had no other choice than to recreate one for this weeks CopyCat Friday!

Fake Mirror

In the trailer you can see Neo walking through some kind of mirror portal. This effect seems simple but to replicate is actually quite difficult in After Effects.

The Matrix 4 Walking Through Mirror
Neo walking through a mirror

The real challenge for this effect is the distortion. Because it’s not just a surface that’s being warped but its a mirror. And mirrors reflect harsh light so in some way you need to show that light being warped around the surface. Luckly in After Effects we have 2 effects which help us with that; CC Blobbylize and CC Glass.

If you want to know more in detail on how to use these effect make sure to check out this weeks video!


Big thanks to Storyblocks for their support. If you ever need stock footage for your video head over to them! Next to the 4K stock clips, they also have After Effects templates, Premiere Pro presets, overlay effects and so much more. Download unlimited video assets for a single price per year.

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1 thought on “Step Through a Mirror like Neo from The Matrix (After Effects Tutorial)”

  1. Excellent! Another wonderful project from Cinecom! Thank you.
    If you enjoy cinema history, you might enjoy watching “Orpheus” (French: “Orphee”) directed by Jean Cocteau and released in 1960. Characters cross into and out of the Underworld of Death by stepping through mirrors. It was all shot practically in camera and is a great example of Jordy’s philosophy, “Stay Creative!”
    In 1987, the artist Sting shot a music video “We’ll Be Together” which is a visual homage to “Orpheus.”
    I encourage you to check it out. You might find it inspiring.
    Thanks again for another great lesson!


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