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This New After Effects Update is Insane!

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, hdr, hdri, true 3d workspace

True 3D Workspace

Adobe After Effects is a powerhouse for creating captivating motion graphics and visual effects. Its extensive toolkit empowers artists to push the boundaries of creativity. Recently, they have been releasing new 3D features back to back, broadening their horizon. Making it easier and faster for everyone to create 3D animations right inside of After Effects.

Image-Based Lighting

Image-based lighting (BL) is a powerful technique used in computer graphics and 3D rendering to simulate real-world lighting conditions and enhance the visual realism of 3D scenes and objects. It relies on the use of high dynamic range (HDR) images, which contain a wide range of luminance values and color information, typically captured from the real world. And as of recently, this has been added to After Effects.

These images are typically captured using specialized cameras or generated through a process called high dynamic range photography. They record a broad spectrum of lighting intensities, from extremely bright highlights to very dim shadows, providing a more accurate representation of real-world lighting.

In this new update After Effects can surround the scene with this image resulting in 3D layers having realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows.

Product video made in After Effects


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