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VFX Artist Tries to go Viral with a Trickshot

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects, Trickshot, viral effect

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Learn how to create a trick shot with editing magic using Adobe After Effects in this tutorial video and go viral on social media

Going Viral

Sadly there aren’t clear guidelines to going viral. There are a lot of factors that will determine this. But luckily there are a few things you can research to increase your chances of going viral. We noticed that short breakdowns of our effects work a lot better then the actual effect.

And what even works better are green screens. We have no idea why, but if we post a video where we use a green screen. They really blow up! We even have a TikTok video over the 7 million views, where we explain a simple green screen trick.

How to walk on a Beam (After Effects Basics)
How to walk on a Beam (After Effects Basics)

Following trends and trending music also helps with increasing your reach. And a tip I can give you is look at your follow content creators and see what works for them. Maybe you can make similar content and also grow because of it.

Faking Trickshots with VFX

Trickshots are of course always something that scores with a wide audience. Look at dude perfect or all the other trickshot masters on social media. It’s just super satisficing seeing an impossible shot being made. But the question is are they real?

Fake 3D  Carton Box Trickshot
Fake 3D Carton Box Trickshot

Because like we proved previously you can easily fake every trickshot. We even headbutted a carton box around like it was a ball. So is Dude Perfect even real? Well probably yes, they have talent and experience with trickshots. And because it’s their full time job they also have the time to do it over and over again.

But not everybody has that kinda time, so VFX will help you create the most impossible trickshots instanly.

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