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Why I Use This Effect Everyday!

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects, Fractal Noise Effect, Tips and Tricks

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Learn how to take your VFX to the next level with the basic Fractal Noise effect in this Adobe After Effects Tutorial.

Fractal Noise

The Fractal Noise effect is one of the most versatile and widely-used effects in the VFX world. It is a procedural noise generator that creates fractal patterns. We use it for a wide range of VFX, from adding displacements to creating energy assets.

Super Saiyan Fractal Energy Asset
Super Saiyan Fractal Energy Asset

To use the Fractal Noise effect in After Effects, simply create a new solid layer, and apply the effect to the layer. From there, you can customize the settings to create a variety of patterns. You can also use the effect to add a sense of motion to your animation. This can be done by animating the evolution of the noise over time.

Usage in VFX

We also use the Fractal Noise effect to create complex and realistic simulations of natural phenomena, such as fire, smoke, energy and explosions. Of course we will combine the effect with other tools and techniques. For the most realistic look you would use particles systems and expressions. Giving us dynamic and realistic simulations that we can use in our film and video productions.

You can also use the effect to create abstract backgrounds and motion graphics. By adjusting the colour and blending modes of the effect you can create some unique assets.

Abstract Fractal Noise Background Animation
Abstract Fractal Noise Background Animation

In conclusion, the Fractal Noise effect is a multi-functional and versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of applications in the VFX world. Whether you are creating 2D and 3D animations, designing backgrounds and landscapes, or simulating natural phenomena, the Fractal Noise effect is a powerful and essential tool that can help you achieve your creative vision.


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  1. I love your series! Thank you for encouraging artist experimentation! Could you please make a video on how to sped up film properly.. every time I use the remapping, I seem to get a cartoonish feel to it. Is there a better way, or am I just using the remapping feature incorrectly? Thank you in advance for helping me on this issue.


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