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Recreate the Wormhole from The Adam Project in Unreal Engine + After Effects

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After Effects, the adam project, Visual Effects

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Learn how to create a wormhole and a dogfight like in The Adam Project in After Effects and Unreal Engine.

Netflix: The adam project

Netflix newest blockbuster is coming out today! Now if you are reading this in the future, the movie is of course already out and you are actually re-living the movie in some way. Let me explain, the movie is all about time traveling.

Where our beloved Ryan Reynolds living in the year 2050, goes back to our present time to team up with his younger self and father. So actually future you is teaming up my past me and we are ready to create some awesome effects together. How cool is that!

Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project
Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project

Now at this very moment very little is know about the movie, as no behind the scenes are available and only a few select people saw the movie at this moment. But what we saw in the trailer already blew our minds.

Visual Effects

In the trailer you can see a lot of visual effects ready for us to recreate, but sadly we can’t recreate them all. So we made the hard choice of recreating the very cool dogfight between the spaceships and the wormhole effect when one of them escapes.

Now another effect we really love is the disintegration effect when they defeat an enemy. I know we already made a disintegration effect for Thanos and one for Loki. But this one is so colourful and unique. So who knows, maybe that is a future tutorial.

The Adam Project - Disintegration
The Adam Project – Disintegration

If you want you can always give suggestions or asks questions in the YouTube comments. We weekly go through all of them and try to answer everything. And who knows, maybe we will answer you question in one of our next videos.

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