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Zach King: Giant Ball Editing Magic (After Effects Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

after effects tutorial, Editing Magic, Zach King

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How to create the Giant Ball effect from Zach King in this Adobe After Effects tutorial. Learn some real Zach King editing magic tricks.

Zach King Editing Magic

It’s been a long time since we have done a Zach King tutorial, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t fans anymore. On the contrary, we admire him even more with all the next level stuff he is releasing. Back in the old days, he created videos with some simple editing tricks.

But these days, he builds intricate sets where he can fall through the ground. He creates optical illusions with some very advanced forced perspective. And lately even uses 3D to achieve cool and funny effects. And to top that off, he often invites celebrities to accompany him in his funny adventures.

Zach King Golf Ball Trick
Zach King Golf Ball Trick

How to Zach King

Recently Zach King himself revealed that they almost never use green screen. What actually really surprised me. Because whenever we recreate Zach King, we almost always use a green screen. It makes creating the effect so much easier. However for today’s video we couldn’t use a green screen, so we had to fall back to rotoscoping, just like the real Zach does.

By doing this, it reminded me how much time he puts into his video. If you need to rotoscope so much frames for every video, that’s crazy. luckily he has a whole team at his disposal, giving him the possibility to go super crazy.


Big thanks to Storyblocks for the support on this video. Their community driven library always help us to find something perfect every VFX shot. They really help us to bring our Visual effects to life, without compromising on anything.

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2 thoughts on “Zach King: Giant Ball Editing Magic (After Effects Tutorial)”

  1. Ik ben altijd zo onder de indruk hoe makelijk jullie dit doen top hoor👍Nu heb wel een vraag en voor jullie een leuke uitdaging Hoe laat je een hond praten in de film ik wil graag een song clip gaan opnemen samen met mijn hondje , help!😊🎶


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