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How Zach king Made his Viral Corn Video (After Effects)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Masking, Zach King

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Learn how to edit like Zach King in this tutorial on how to pop a corn into popcorn. An editing magic tutorial in Adobe After Effects

The king of editing magic

Zach King is not someone I have to introduce anymore, we all know and love his work. He’s always on top of the trends so it only made sense his latest upload was corn related. In this video we can see that he warms up a cob of corn which eventually explodes into thousand popcorn pieces.

Zach King Popcorn Effect
Zach King popcorn effect

How to hide a cut

As said in the video the most important thing Zach King is really good at is hiding his cuts. To make it look like magic you cant see when he is using his editing trickery.

The easiest one is the match cut, here you cut from one shot to another but everything what is in that shot is lined up perfectly. Another easy one is the wipe cut. When you move your camera fast there is motion blur, this you can use to cut from one shot to another hiding the scene in the motionblur. Then we have the wipe by cut. With this one you mask in another shot by following a certain subject. A good example is someone walking past the screen.

Or you hide the cut by using overlays, adding explosions, flares and all the stuff to make the differences in shots less visible.


Big thanks to Storyblocks for the support on this video. Their community driven library always help us to find something perfect every VFX shot. They really help us to bring our Visual effects to life, without compromising on anything.

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