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20 SECRET Features You NEED! (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Interface, Tips and Tricks, Tools, Video Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro, premiere pro, Tips and Tricks

Learn 20 secret and hidden features that will turn you into a better video editor in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video!

Auto-scroll in the timeline of Adobe Premiere Pro

Auto-scrolling in the timeline is something you love or hate, it depends on your personal editing style. Let me show you the types of auto-scroll in Adobe Premiere Pro! Find the timeline settings in the preference window. On the right side, you’ll see a drop down menu with all the scroll types. Let’s take a look at smooth scroll first. This one will make your timeline scroll when the video is playing. The second one, page scroll, will jump in pages when your playhead reaches the end of the timeline. And then we have, of course, no scroll. This is my personal favorite by the way!

Scroll settings in Premiere Pro.
Scroll settings in Premiere Pro.

Take a look at the two different types of timeline scrolling in Adobe Premiere Pro! By default, the page scroll is enabled so definetely play around with all the settings, and see which one works best for your editing workflow!

Switching clips in the timeline!

Did you know that you could switch places of two or more clips? Of course you can do that by dragging all the clips out of the way and then switching them yourself. But there is a way that’s definitely A LOT faster! Let’s say you want to switch places of the last two clips in the timeline. Then simply hold down control and drag the end clip against the beginning of the first one. Then release and there you go! Now the clips has switched places!

Switching Clips.

18 more to go!

These were only two hidden premiere pro tricks. There are eighteen more waiting for you in the video above! Also, definitely check out Storyblocks, they’re sponsoring this video. With Storyblocks you can download unlimited assets, videos, music, sound effects and templates without leaving Premiere. That is something every video editor needs! 🙂