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5 editing tips for travel videos in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Editing Tips, travel video

Edit a cinematic travel video with these 5 editing tips for a stunning travel film. An Adobe Premiere Pro video tutorial features workflow, sound design and transitions tips.

Last week Jordy published his travel video from Iceland. And I can say, it really amazed me. I always saw small pieces when he was editing, but when I finally saw it when it was finished it blew my mind. Everything was right, the tempo, the transitions, the shots that followed each other. Everything contributed to the whole picture of the video. And guys we also saw you liked the video very much. So thanks for the awesome comments. But you also requested something in those comments, how Jordy made his edit. That’s why Jordy will explain 5 editing tips he used on the travel video in this weeks Creative Tuesday video.

And one of the tips he handles in the video, is sound-design. In my opinion one of the most important tips out of this video. In the travel video you can hear a lot of extra sounds next to the music. This can be sounds from the environment or actions happening in the screen. And strong point of these sound is that it will help you in your edit. When you are creating a fast edit montage, your brain needs to work extra hard to recognize everything. And adding your extra sounds will help your brain with this process. Making your shots more recognizable and your edit smoother.

Another thing that returned in the comments was some criticism about the story or the lack of story in other words. And I think some of you are wrong with this. There is a story in this video. It maybe isn’t an Oscar winning story, but if you pay attention to the cinematography and the choices for the shots, you can really see the story Jordy is telling in his video. To shortly explain it, he tells the story of going to new places and exploring the unknown. At first you are amazed with its beauty and want to take it all in slowly. But then you want to see more and go faster and faster. Until you realize you need to enjoy the beauty you see and don’t rush everything. This is perfectly pictured with the flawless edit and choice of shots.


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