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5 Must know Animations tips for Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

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In this Tutorial you will learn 5 Animation tips with Essential Graphics from Adobe Premiere Pro to achieve professional Motion Designs.

Making animations in Premiere Pro

When it comes to animation a lot of people think that you should use Adobe After Effects or Adobe Animate but it is actually possible to make (simple) animations in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Pinned animations

A first simple animation is a text animation with a pinned background. What this means is that you can place a background, like for instance a rectangle or ellipse and pin that to the overlaying text. Whenever you type a text the background will adjust itself to the lenght of the text. This is an ideal animation for when you want to make titles on your screen or lower thirds.

Master styles

When you create a specific style of lower third or title you can save those styles as a preset. You can name for example the title and subtitle separately and for every new title that you can create you can place the master style preset on that title so that each time you have the same styling. This is super easy when you want a consistency in your text animations.

Essential graphics panel
Essential graphics panel

Text masks

With the Essential Graphics tools in Premiere Pro you can make text masks. Either you can place a video behind a text and use the text as a mask so the video will only be visible through the text. Or you can also create a mask with a custom shape, making it a reveal animation for the text.


Applying a gradient inside the text styles is impossible in Premiere Pro but what you can do is use the ‘ramp’ effect. With this effect you can create your own custom gradient which you can then use in your text animation or lower third. Super simple, yet super useful!

Grouping inside Essential Graphics

If you want to create text animations with motion blur you have to use the ‘transform’ effect. But this will apply to everything inside the essential graphics so what you can do is divide portions of your animation with groups. Applying the transform effect inside a group will only create motion blur on those animations, not on the ones who are in different groups. And with those groups it’s super easy to create an orderly animation that each has different effects applied to it.


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