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Compose your own MUSIC with the SOUNDRAW A.I. Tool (Tutorial)

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Learn how to easily compose your own music using the A.I. music generator tool from Soundraw. Get the perfect song for your video edit.

Composing your own Music

Without experience, it’s very hard to compose your own music. Not only you need technical know-how of a program that can help you with that, but you also need to know something about music itself.

Luckily there’re tools like Their A.I. knows music and with the simplified web interface, you can easily change any generated song to your likings.

You start off with picking a genre, which after the tool will generate a set of songs. From here you can change the duration, the BPM, the different instruments and their variations.

Generate Music with Soundraw
The Music Editing from Soundraw

Music in Adobe Premiere Pro

Soundraw has both a web interface and a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro. This makes it easy to play back your created song in sync with the video and make adjustments along the way.

Mixing your music is still needed of course. Once you’re done and the song is imported into Premiere Pro, you can go ahead and mix the volume to match your edit.

But what I love is that you can make sure that certain parts of the music transition into more subtle sounds. This is perfect when overlaying the music on an interview. This is demonstrated in the video above.

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