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MUST KNOW Sound Design TRICKS (Premiere Pro)

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Audio Effects

foley sound design, Sound design, sound design trick

Learn how to make your videos sound more professional by using sound design in this Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Have you ever heard of foley?

In the 1920’s a guy named Jack Foley came up with a technique that changed the history of filmmaking. Jack Foley found that recording every sound of your video separately and synchronizing them with your video, is the best way of making your film sound and look more realistic.

Even in todays movies, all the sounds you hear are created separately. From explosions to car engines, sneezes, footsteps, even rain and wind are created separately. Thank you Jack!

A picture of Jack Foley
A picture of Jack Foley

Applying foley to your video

The first thing you want to do is record your sound effects. In our tutorial video you can see a small sketch we created where we only used Foley sounds. You can record everything you see on your video.

For example, a car door closing sound effect. I simply recorded that sound by holding the microphone close to the door while closing it. Same thing for my keys, I recorded holding my keys while walking because even then the keys make a rattling sound. Also putting the key inside the door and pulling it out makes a specific sound.

Tymon recording Foley sounds.
Tymon recording Foley sounds.

If you want to know how to make your own sound design, don’t hesitate to check out our video above, because we really go in depth about creating Foley sounds in that tutorial. You will also learn how to synchronize, mix and process them inside Premiere Pro.


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