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How To Make Your VOICE Sound CINEMATIC (Premiere Pro)

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Audio Effects

audio effects, cinematic voice, improve voice quality

Learn how to make the sound of your voice more cinematic by using an equalizer and a compressor in this adobe premiere pro tutorial video

Your voice leads the video

When you’re creating video’s, it’s crucial to have high quality audio. Specifically, your voice. Usually the audio quality coming directly from your camera isn’t that great. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fix it. It’s quite easy to make a bad sounding recording sound way more professional and pleasing to listen to.

But why should we do this? Isn’t it all about the video quality, the cool transitions and the amazing effects we use on our clips? That’s right! But what’s an awesome video without good audio quality? Your voice leads the video, it has to be tweaked so that the listeners not only enjoy watching the video, but also enjoy listening to your video. Good audio quality improves the feeling of your video.

The Equalizer

One of the most popular effects used to improve sounds is the Equalizer. EQ’s come in different shapes and sizes. This effect is used commonly to boost or cut specific frequencies of a sound. We cut away the bad frequencies and/or boost the good frequencies, this simple trick makes your voice sound A LOT better.

Low and high Frequencies in Premiere's EQ.
Low and high Frequencies in Premiere’s Equalizer.

You can also do a lot of fun stuff with an EQ, for example cutting away the low frequencies. That way you’ll make it sound like you’re on a phone call. We also have some other effects that we can use to improve our voice quality. In our tutorial we’ll also teach you how to use a compressor and a denoiser to make your voice sound cinematic. So don’t hesitate, go click the link to our tutorial!

Jordy explaining how to get the 'phone call' effect with an EQ.
Jordy explaining how to get the ‘phone call’ effect with an EQ.


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