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3 Easy Tricks to get CINEMATIC AUDIO in Premiere Pro

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Audio Effects

compressor in premiere, how to use a gate in premiere, parametric equalizer premiere

Learn how to make your voice sound incredible using the parametric equalizer, compressor and a gate in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Vocal enhancer in Premiere

One of the awesome things about the Parametric Equalizer in Premiere Pro is that it contains a bunch of presets. The vocal enhancer is a really great fundemental preset which you can use to enchance your vocal quality and the presence.

What you can see here is the frequency spectrum of Jordy’s voice. But what does the preset actually do? Well, as you can see, it removes the super low frequencies. We’re doing this because all it produces is rumble, which will make your voice sound muddy.

Another thing this preset does is increasing the high frequencies. They are responsible for the clearance and crispiness of your voice.

Vocal enhancer preset in premiere.
Vocal enhancer preset in premiere.

Using a Stereo expander in premiere

By using the stereo expander effect in Adobe Premiere Pro you can create some awesome sounding effects for your voice. Or perhaps for enhancing your sound design.

The effect basically spreads out your audio to the left and the right and makes it move aroun a little bit. And if you want you can automate the panning effect which will make it even more spacial.

Stereo Expander Premiere.
Stereo Expander in Adobe Premiere Pro.


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