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This Update Makes Premiere KING! (Insane Features)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, Updates, Video Effects

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Learn how to use the new Premiere Beta A.I. editing features to become a better video editor in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

The new features are INSANE!

Insane, but in a good way! These features are currently in beta ready to be tested out, so make sure you have Premiere Pro Beta installed from the creative cloud app. A.I. becomes more and more standard nowadays, which is a good thing! It makes daily tasks much easier and allows us to spend more time doing creative work, which is what we want of course! Let get to feature one!

Adobe Podcast INSIDE Premiere Pro

Yep, that’s right! You no longer need to upload your audio to adobe podcast to get a studio quality audio clip. In the essentials sound panel, you can now find a button called ‘Enhance Speech’. This will do the exact same as adobe podcast, but you don’t need to leave premiere anymore! This feature also comes with a mix slider so that you can mix between the original and the enhanced sound. Very nice!

Speech Enhancer
Speech Enhancer

Cutting long clips automatically?

Premiere is not able to detect duplicate sentences YET, but I’m sure one day this will be a thing. However, Premiere can detect pauses, filler words, and breaths. With one click of a button you can remove all of these like it’s nothing! This will save you at least an hour on every project! Thanks Premiere!

Delete pauses and fillers
Delete pauses and fillers

Premiere Pro’s Timeline is now 5x fASTER!

Sounds insane, right? Of course, I tested this and I can say that they’re right! When it comes to scrubbing the timeline, settings cuts, moving clips, trimming clips, the timeline is a lot faster than before! Previously, I had a lot of issues with graphic layers. Everytime I tried to move them or extend them, they would make the program lag and everything would freeze for a few seconds. Which is super annoying when editing on big projects.

Timeline 5x faster
Timeline 5x faster


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