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5 MIND-BLOWING Blending Effects (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, Video Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro, premiere pro, Tips and Tricks

Learn how to create 5 blending effects to make your videos look so much better in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

The best trick to learn blending in Premiere Pro

Blending modes can be extremely usefull to your videos. You can use it to create stunning effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. Blending modes scare a lot of video editors away at first. There are so many types of blend modes and that can be overwhelming! But don’t you worry, I’m going to show the best way to learn how to use them extremely fast.

The secret is: exercise! By practicing blending modes you will get better at it in no time, which is why I will show you 5 blending effects in this tutorial! The first effect is a dreaming effect you can do on any clip. Simply duplicate your video on top of the original one and add a gaussian blur to the top video. Now set the blending mode of that video to screen and play around with the opacity.

Dreaming effect.

Glowing dancer effect

This effect is extremely simple to create. Duplicate your video on top of the original one, then go to the effects controls and set the blend mode to difference. Go back to the timeline and offset the first clip by a few frames. Now you can see the glow already. Next, move the clips one track up and duplicate the bottom video. Then select the top two clips and put them in a nested sequence. Set the blending mode of that nested sequence to screen and that’s it! If you wanna enhance this effect even more, add the VR glow effect to the nested sequence and mess with the settings.

Glowing dancer.


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