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Why Your Color Grading SUCKS & how to fix it

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Color Grading

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Learn how to make your color grades look cinematic and professional using these five tips in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Creating a unique grade

Lots of people have trouble achieving a beautiful color grade for their projects. Well you don’t have to worry anymore, with these 5 tricks in this tutorial, you will learn how to improve your color grades to a professional level!

Color Grade Elements of Farou.
Color Grade Elements of Farou.

Creative color grading

Of course you have to follow a few rules if you want your grade to look good. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative. In this shot for example, we want the talent to pop on the mountain. The foreground is a little bit too bright which prevents people from seeing the talent first.

What you can do to fix that is decrease the exposure of the entire video. Then create a mask on the Lumetri effect and draw it around the foreground. Once you’ve feathered the mask, you’re basically done. You can also decrease the saturation to remove the colors from the foreground, this will make the talent pop even more.


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