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New 1 Click Color Grading Feature (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Color Grading

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Learn how to use the new auto tone feature to color grade your footage with just the click of a button in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

New 1-click Color grading feature in adobe premiere pro

Adobe often releases new features but they aren’t always available yet for the entire audience. They first release within the beta version of Premiere. And last week they released a new feature that let’s you color grade your footage with just one click of a button.

First up, you will need the beta version of Adobe Premiere Pro, which you can easily download from the Adobe Creative Cloud app. Open it up and go over to the lumetri color panel.

If you’re not familiar with color correcting or color grading in Premiere Pro, definitely have a look at our lumetri course to get fimiliar with all the basics of it.

Auto tone feature

The new feature of Adobe Premiere Pro can be found in the basic correction tab. You will notice the Auto Tone button. If you press this, Premiere will automatically apply intelligent auto corrections to grade your footage. It will do this using the sliders of the basic correction tab. This is actually really useful since you have full control over it and can make alterations if needed.

For many beginner video editors this is an excellent work to get familiar with color grading. If you want take it even a step further with automizations you can use the color wheels & match tab to automatically color correct your footage to match with your other footage. This can also be done with just one click of a button. So I guess Adobe is working towards multiple automization tools. This will make it a lot easier and faster for editors.

Learn all about color grading & color correction

If you want to learn everything about color grading and color correction with the lumetri effect in Adobe Premiere Pro, have a look at our highly rated class. We’ll teach you everything so you can become a skilled color grader and enhance your projects to the max.

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