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A Much Better COLOR GRADING Workflow with the Loupedeck

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Color Grading

Color Grading, Loupedeck +, Workflow

Learn how to use the new Loupedeck CT to perform a color correction and grading in a fast workflow in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Color Grading Workflow in Premiere Pro

We all have our own way of color grading in Adobe Premiere Pro. But there’re a few workflows that are just more efficient than others. In this tutorial video we cover a workflow that allows you to color correct and grade a whole lot faster.

Our workflow consists out of 4 steps; first you bring all your short to the correct color space. In most cases that’s gonna be REC-709. At least that’s if you shot in log.

Every camera brand shoots in a different log format, so make sure to use the correct LUT.

Log to Rec709
LOG to REC709 via a LUT

The next step is color correction. Go through every clip and make sure that the exposure, ski tones, color temperature, saturation and all are matched.

There’s an tool in Adobe Premiere Pro called the comparison view. This allows you to compare 2 shots, in order to match them better.

The third step is to add an adjustment layer on top of your edit. On this adjustment layer we can do the final grading. Either through a LUT (look) or by grading something yourself using the color wheels. Since all our shots are matched, the grading should match as well.

Finally the fourth and last step is for finetuning. Do you need effects like lens flares? Or perhaps you wanna mask some areas to make them brighter and what not.

Loupedeck CT & Live

Color grading and video editing is an intensive task, so any help to speed up that process is welcome! The new Loupedeck CT and it’s little brother, the Live is a controller to help with that.

The Loupedeck can be used to control any action in Premiere Pro, as well as any other Adobe app. We can also set macro to perform multiple actions with one button, which really speeds up things!

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