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3 Ways to use the LUMETRI CURVES (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Color Grading

Color Grading, lumetri curves, skin tones

How to use the Adobe Premiere Pro’s Lumetri Curves to fix & enhance your videos and color grade skin tones in this tutorial video.

What are the Lumetri Curves

Since one of the latest updates, Adobe Premiere Pro introduced the Lumetri Curves. It’s a feature we’ve all been waiting for a long time.

Basically it allows us to select a certain color or luma, just like the secondary color corrector. But the Lumetri curves gives you more options to make changes.

One of those changes are the hue vs hue curves. You select a hue, or a color in other words. And then you can change that hue to a different hue, hence the name ‘hue vs hue’.

This allows us to easily change the color of clothing or perform color grading on the skin tones.

Color Change Lumetri Curves
Changing the blue colored dress to green

Color Grading Skin Tones

To color grade skin tones we make use of the hue vs saturation and hue vs luminosity the most. selecting the red hue, we can make it more or less saturated. Light skin tones often need a decrease in saturation. But dark skin tones could sometimes benefit from an increase.

Dark Skin tones Color Grading Lumetri Curves
Color Grading Dark Skin Tones with the Lumetri Curves

The hue vs luma curve is pretty obvious. We can give people darker or brighter skin tones using this tool. Depending on your needs you can give your talent a subtle tan, or make them pop more by making the skin tones brighter.


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