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Create a 3D Rotation LOGO REVEAL (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Graphics Animations

3d animation, 3d rotation, Animation, motion graphics

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Logo Animations

To make your brand or that of your client stand out, a cool logo animation comes a long way. Personally I love to make such motion graphics animations because anything is possible. With some creativity you can create stunning logo reveals.

Although Adobe After Effects is the go-to program to create such logo animations, we can already do a lot with Premiere Pro.

Logo reveals don’t need to be complicated. A clean animation with a good idea is much better than tons of bells and whistles.

Premiere Basics Logo Reveal
Logo Reveal created in Adobe Premiere Pro

Animation Effects

The essential graphics offers a way to create graphics and text. Although we’re most likely gonna use Photoshop or Illustrator to design a logo.

Once your logo sits inside Premiere Pro, we can start looking for effects and create fun animations. One of such effects is the Basic 3D. All it does it rotate your logo around in a 3D space. I love to work with this effect as it creates a whole new perspective.

One thing we can’t enable in Premiere Pro is motion blur, thus we always need to figure out a way to fake it. Since a rotation goes in one direction, we can use the directional blur to fix this issue. We do need to manually animate the blur length to match it with the movement from the Basic 3D.

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