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Create a 3D text in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

3D, premiere pro, Title Design

Create a 3D text in Premiere Pro and learn how to animate it with with the Basic 3D plugin, an extrusion effect and some lighting to make it look realistic.

Before we start, we must know that Premiere Pro does not have a 3D engine. That means we are actually not able to create a 3D extruded text. But that doesn’t stop us from creating one!

With some creativity, we create the illusion that our text is extruded and lays in a 3D space. We can do that with the “drop shadow” plugin. Add multiple “drop shadow” layers to extrude your text. Next we’ll animate out title with the “Basic 3D” plugin to make it move thought a 3D space.

Now it already looks like a 3D title, but with some lighting effects we can really bring it to a qualitative 3D title.

To create a 3D text inside Adobe After Effects is of course much easier and faster. But I got this idea when I looked back to myself. When I started with Premiere Pro in 2004, it where so many new featured that I had to learn. It felt like I could create everything in it. Until someone introduced me to After Effects. I thought by myself; “must I learn this application too?”.

When you are in such a position it’s sometimes easier and faster to create a 3D text within Premiere Pro instead of learning a complete new application. But don’t get me wrong here, if you like to create special effects, 3D composition and more. I do advise you to start learning After Effects. You won’t regret it 🙂

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