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Body Shield Effect From Dune in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Body Shield, Dune, VFX

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Learn how to create the glitch body shield effect upon impact from Dune (2021) movie in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.


By now you probably saw all the trailers for the movie Dune or even saw the movie if you are lucky. With postponing the movie due to Corona, this was one of the most anticipated movies of 2021. It’s this new Space Opera where we follow the story of a young man going into war to gain control over a planet. On this planet is a powerful drug which gives certain powers.

Now if you cant get enough of this movie you can always read the book. Yes you read it right! This movie is based on the 1965 novel dune by Frank Herbert. And besides that it also has already been made it a movie AND a series.

In 1984 the first movie was made and later in 2000 the mini series of 3 episodes was released.

Visual Effects through the Years

Since this movie has been made 3 times which each a rough 20 years apart it gives the perfect opportunity to compare the same visual effects done in different time areas. Lets compare the different body shield effect like we recreated for today episode.

In the 1984 version the went for this 3D orange box type shield. When hit you can this shock wave going around. These shields also are blurred which does make it difficult to see the actors. Keep in mind though this is 1984 so visual effects back than had a whole different standard.

Orange 3D Body Shield from Dune 1984
Example Body Shield from Dune 1984

In the 2000 version you can see they stepped of, of the box like shield. They went for a way more subtle effect. A blue white-ish border around the person when hit. When they aren’t hit they decided to not show the shield, which I think was a good choice.

White subtle Body Shield from Dune 2000
Example Body Shield from Dune 2000

In the 2021 version you can see a blue shield in the shape of the person glitching around when hit. Whenever the user is not being hit you see nothing. This makes the shield not too distracting and doesn’t give off this cheap future look. Its also really well composited with the rest of the shot, making it more believable.

Blue Hologram Body Shield from Dune 2021
Example Body Shield from Dune 2021


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