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Adobe Premiere Pro, premiere pro, Tips and Tricks

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Learn 10 mind-blowing and interesting facts and a little bit of history about Premiere in this Adobe Premiere video!

It was actually pretty good!

You might think that editing in a piece of software from the nineties would be painfull. But in fact, the program was incredibly stable. It was extremely simple with just a few basic features which makes the editing software super stable! Of course, modern video codecs and formats weren’t supported back then, and the resolution of the video wasn’t that great either..

Before Premiere was released, editing videos from your home was simply not possible. You needed to go to expensive video editing studios with setups that could cost more than 100.000 dollars! And then suddently, you could lay down on your couch and edit videos from home. It was truly revolutionary. I actually used a macintosh emultor to install a real version of Premiere 2.0, that way I could make a high quality screen recording which you can see in the video above!

Macintosh with Premiere 2.0
Macintosh with Premiere 2.0

Adding Special Effects in Adobe premiere!

Special effects were definitely a thing, even with the first version of Adobe Premiere! And fun fact: The effects window already existed back then. You just had to open it up by going to the window menu on top (where you could see all the panels by the way) Just like you can do now! The effects worked a little different tho. If you wanted to apply a transition, you needed to put the effect in between the two A and B tracks. As you can see in the GIF, there was literally and FX track where you could drag these clips in. Weird, right?!

Effects in Premiere 2.0

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