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Anime Inspired God Speed Effect (Adobe Premiere Pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

anime, Super Speed, Visual Effects

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Popularity of Anime

In the old days, 20 years ago, Anime was mostly popular in Asian countries. You would of course have some series that were known to a wider audience like for example Dragonball or Pokémon. However I don’t think anybody back then could have known how popular Anime would become.

In the last couple of years Anime is becoming immensely popular. Every streaming service, like Netflix, is bombarding you with old Anime series. But also making their very own new ones. Disney + even released some teasers about an Anime version of Star Wars, that’s how far it has come. But I’m not complaining, I love Anime. So the more the better.

Release the Spice Anime -Love
Release the Spice Anime

the power of anime

The aspects that make Anime so successful and addictive to watch is the exaggeration of everything. The emotions of the characters are theatrical, the drama is over the top and well the special effects in all the Animes even exceed Hollywood VFX.

Demon Slayer - Zenitsu Attack Stance
Demon Slayer – Zenitsu Attack Stance

A single punch of a hero can almost blow up worlds. Heck even a sneeze from your main hero can cause damage in an Anime. But that’s what makes it so captivating, so addictive. You really feel for the characters and they inspire and motivate you. And personally this is why I love Anime series above anything else. Once you are emphasizing with the protagonist, you can’t stop watching and you are hooked.

Anime VFX

Now because everything is so over the top and well not realistic in any physical way, it’s quite hard to recreate Visual effects from Anime in real life. Much of the effects are suggestive, just shown with a few lines. And this is the difficulty of recreating the effects, but also gives you a lot of freedom.

You have complete creative freedom to interpret the effect however you want. Nobody knows how a energy beam shot from you hands looks like in real life. So you can do with it whatever you want. And that’s what we have done in multiple video tutorials where we recreate a Super Speed Dash, becoming a Super Saiyan, A super Punch and even a talking mouth on a hand. As you can see the possibilities are endless.

Super Saiyan Jordy


And last but not least; don’t reinvent the wheel! If you’re looking for a title animation, a background, smoke or dust elements; then check out Storyblocks! Big thanks to them for sponsoring this video.

We use their ever growing library on a daily basis and it has saved us so much time. We’re able to produce better quality videos and spending less time in the edit. We can highly recommend it to any creative.

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1 thought on “Anime Inspired God Speed Effect (Adobe Premiere Pro)”

  1. Hi guys,

    just want to say thank you for you tutorials, i am actually trying the Anime Inspired God Speed Effect tutorial (specially the super punch, which is my favorite)

    actually, i’m working on it for a project with my job (i’m a youth worker) and i would like to ask you one thing about the super punches :

    how did you add the others punches at 8:38 ? Did you record other kind of punch and then add them at the same times as the others ?

    Please let me know,

    Have a good week,



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